Becoming a Member

If you are Lutheran you may write or you may ask our church staff to write to your former congregation and ask for a Letter of Transfer.
If you are a member of another Christian denomination you are asked to attend our Basics of the Faith course which is a series of 8-10 classes that describe what the Lutheran Church teaches and practices. Participation in the course does not obligate one to join our church.
If you are not a baptized Christian you are asked to attend the Basics of the Faith classes. If you then desire to be baptized you are then asked to meet with the pastor to schedule your baptism either during a Sunday worship service or at another time.
All new members, regardless of the method of becoming members of our congregation, are asked to attend a New Member Orientation Meeting. Information will be given that describes the many activities of our congregation. New members will also be asked to offer their time and talent for a ministry of their choosing. Please call the church office (823-1883) for the date and time of the next orientation meeting.
You are invited to make an appointment with the pastor to ask questions about membership in our congregation.