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Project HOPE

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The foreign missions program of The Lutheran Church of Vestavia Hills is called¬†Project HOPE.¬†Our vision is that all people enjoy¬†HOPE¬†for tomorrow and for eternity through Jesus Christ.¬†Our mission is to support the proclamation of the Christian Gospel through projects that promote¬†HOPE ‚ÄstHealth,¬†Opportunity,¬†Participation, and¬†Education.¬†We believe that the most effective mission work is done by local people sharing the good news of Jesus with their own countrymen.¬†Our role at LCVH is to supplement that primary mission work with gifts that promote¬†HOPE¬†among those who know Jesus and especially among those who do not know him as Savior and Lord.

Currently our congregation has foreign mission projects in two countries: Nicaragua and Uganda. Since 2005 we have annually sent a team of about a dozen members to Nicaragua. Some team members have participated in the construction of several small churches and a youth center. Other members of the team have participated in children’s ministry programs that employ animated singing, Bible dramas, craft projects, and games that have enriched the lives of both Nicaraguans and Americans. Congregational members who are not able to travel to Nicaragua have provided the funds for the building projects, programs of ministry, and gifts of school supplies, books, clothing, candy, and toys.




Since 2005 The Lutheran Church of Vestavia Hills has invested over $150,000.00 in ministry projects in¬†Uganda.¬†Members have contributed funds over and above their regular offerings for:¬†land and construction of a church/school in Kateete; the drilling of bore hole wells for clean water in Kateete and Bukobo; provided treated mosquito nets, medicine, school supplies, for thousands of children; supported the family of Daniel Nkynono as he studies for pastoral ministry; and provided funds for the establishment of a ‚Äúpiggery,‚ÄĚ an income-producing activity which provides pigs and training in raising pigs in Kateete and Bukobo¬†Future plans call for a vocational training center in Kateete, a clinic and church building for Bukobo, and more bore hole wells for other villages.¬†¬†

Did You Know...

  • $1 a year provides medicine to keep a child in Uganda free of stomach worms?
  • $60 will enable one young person in Leon to attend the computer training class?
  • $300 will keep one child in Uganda in school for one year?
  • $6,000 will pay for a piggery; $10,000 for a borehole well?

Any size gift will go a long way to making a significant difference in lives of God’s people.