Pastor Bio

Get to know Pastor Ahlemeyer

Tell us about your family…

My wife Jaki and I met while I was attending the seminary and she was a college student. Jaki is a native of the Kansas City area. In addition to staying active at home she is a real estate agent. Our three children are Payton, Tatum, and Brody.

What do you appreciate about serving as pastor at LCVH?

The faithfulness of the people in worship and the Means of Grace. The church culture is dedicated to missions - local and international. We are blessed with a strong children’s ministry and music program. I would certainly add the friendliness of the people. I think the hallmark of LCVH is the generosity of the people in living out their Christian faith.

What do you especially enjoy about the ministry?

That is an easy one. I enjoy preaching! But there are so many other aspects of the ministry I enjoy. Overall, being able to share the hope we have in Christ with others in every circumstance of life is a privilege, even when those moments are difficult; whether it is a visit to the house or hospital, in a classroom, at the funeral home, youth event, or in a conversation.

What is one blessing the setting of LCVH can offer others?

The size of our church family can be a blessing. I consider LCVH a midsize church. This allows us to have almost everything that a larger church might offer, but on a smaller scale where people can hopefully know one another.    

In my free time you will find me…

Sports was a big part of my life growing up. Now I enjoy coaching youth sports. I think I have coached some sort of team from high school all the way down to the little ones for about 20 straight years. I am in that phase of life where it is fun to watch our kids play from the sidelines. I also enjoy reading, history, golfing, watching sports on T.V. (favorite teams are the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Cubs), and spending time with our family.